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Thursday 12th March 2020

Pub TV Champs

After years of regression, UK pubs and bars are starting to expand and turn the corner on its years of decline. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there was a net gain of 320 pubs from March 2019 to December – the first increase since 2009.Pub TV - Katie Groom


As consumer behaviour shifts to more experiences, rather than material items, it opens opportunities for well-run pubs and bars that have seen investment in pub tv and av.

The industry is making positive steps towards growth again, and this will open up a lot of competition so there are lots of opportunities for investment to create experiences that the new consumer wants. With a summer of sport, including Euro 2020, I think bars who have made significant investments in screens, video walls and audio will see the most business through their doors.

How Have Pubs Around The UK Been Preparing For The Summer Of Sport?

We have seen a lot of work upgrading their pub tv screens to 4K, professional audio and even large video walls to set themselves up to be ‘the go to pub’ in their area for this summer’s events.

Typically, our team will spend some time advising the best options for the space available to ensure that a screen is visible from every possible angle and installing audio equipment to ensure the sound remains fluid throughout the venue. More advanced installs are opting for control panels for various live tv inputs, with digital signage options above the bar for advertising.

Pub TV Champs
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Don’t Forget About Audio

In a busy bar, sound from your pub TVs will not suffice and they will also echo each other, annoying your customers. Many pubs choose to invest in quality audio which can be recessed to ceilings or walls, choosing to hire professional AV installers means you’ll be able to get advice on acoustics and providing the best experience for customers.

Do Pubs Want To Capitalise On A Summer Of Sport?

Some pubs don’t want to define themselves as a sports bar, aiming to be more family orientated but may want to capitalise on a summer of sport; or some sports bars may just want to have some extra screens to account for the busier period.

Rental options are available to bars that sit in these categories. We’re offering a variety of short-term screen rentals from 49-inch TVs, right through to 75” to account for the busier periods ahead.

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Please get in touch with the team to prepare for a summer of sport.


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