Philips Release Easy Suite Range – Perfectly Matched For Hospitality

Philips Easy Suite

The hotel landscape has become a lot more competitive over the last 10 years, and even the most basic hotel offering has raised its game. But how do they compete in a quickly changing landscape?

Technology has become critical to attracting and retaining hotel guests, and the industry leaders are investing in a wide range of solutions to create better experiences with a more personal approach.

Whilst we’re starting to see self-check-in solutions being used in many hotel receptions, the huge upcoming trend lies in the technology being installed in guest bedrooms.

To answer the demand for high-quality in-room technology, manufacturers are introducing product ranges with increased functionality, allowing hotels to offer premium level personalised experiences through an HTML5 based content management system which are fully customisable.

Philips Easy Suite

Philips Professional Displays Solutions has launched four new standalone Easy Suite Pro TVs to meet this growing demand in a range of sizes, including 24”, 32”, 43” and 50”, offering Full HD 1080p picture quality in screen sizes 43” upwards.

The Easy Suite range of TVs can be customised to include company branding, guest welcomes and premium pay-per-view content and can have restrictions placed on them to match the environment they’re being used in.

Andrew Greaves, Head of Commercial Sales at TVC Technology Solutions: “We’re really excited to offer our customers the Philips Easy Suite range as it’s packed with features. The easy to use interface and mixed channel map allowing guests to access both analogue and digital channels is a huge plus. I think the Easy Suite is a great future-proof screen for hotels to provide them with a competitive edge in guest experience and personalisation.”

With trends moving towards cost-saving and reducing carbon footprint’s, Philips Easy Suite has been released with industry-leading A++ and A+ energy efficient which provides lower power consumption.  

Why Invest In Commercial Screens?

We’ve previously written an article comparing standard and professional screens, highlighting the benefits of investing in commercial screens. Levering the technology packed in the Easy Suite range allows hotels to deliver more memorable experiences, going far beyond welcome messages on the screen for the walking in by offering tailored content, hotel events and local attractions.

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