Do Hotels Require Professional AV Equipment?

Hotel TV

Technology is quickly becoming a leading investment in guest experience strategy. In an evolving industry, both hotel groups and independents are adopting various solutions from hotel TV, digital signage, touchscreens and connectivity.

Whilst AV equipment may not be the primary reason for booking a hotel, it can have a huge impact on guest experience.   Leveraging the latest technology can help you deliver more memorable experiences, for instance, digital signage relaying guest announcements, activities and local events; or even a personal welcome message on the room television.  It’s about creating a personal and informed experience that will enhance your guests stay.

With better AV technology available, hotels can go further to create a bespoke experience for all their guests, such as the option to make reservations for dinner or spa treatments through their hotel TV; or search the local area for attractions.

“You’re now seeing a generation of adults who have grown up accustomed to screens and technology, and there’s an element of expectation to constantly receive personal experiences. AV equipment has developed a lot over the last 10 years, and it’s now no longer one-way messaging with the technology available to have interactive solutions.” – Andrew Greaves, Head of Commercial Sales.

Corporate AV

Many hotels are using their facilities and function rooms to accommodate business and networking meetings which often requires investment in corporate AV. The additional investment should be considered in line with the additional revenue streams generated from additional services advertised and offered.

Typically, hotels branching out into meeting room facilities will require things like large screen displays and wireless presentation systems as a standard requirement.

Hotel Entertainment

For something a little bit different, turning the hotel bar into a place where guests can enjoy sporting events and spend their cash at your bar rather than other local pubs can be a huge bonus to the bottom-line. To attract guests to stay in your complex, you’ll need to invest in large screens and professional audio. Seeking expert advice will be beneficial when it comes to bar acoustics, controls systems and screen positioning.

Why Do I Need To Bring In Experts?

You may be debating on installing TVs and equipment yourself, but by doing so, you may not be getting the best advice in terms of screen location, acoustics for optimal sound, and advice on the newest technologies for your specified budget. Whilst working with TVC, our project manager will sit down with you to understand your goals and advise you on the best equipment available within your budget. You will even receive installation services and ongoing support.

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