Control Systems

With so much technology in commercial environments, controlling them all at once can get confusing.

At TVC, we supply a range of av control systems that simplify the process of managing multiple pieces of equipment, allowing you to manage all of your devices from one simple-to-use controller.

The av control systems we supply allow for the management of multiple devices in a commercial environment via a controller or an app on a smart device. This includes sound systems, screens, projectors, lighting and heating; all ready to control with the click of a button even if you aren’t in the same location as the equipment.

We tailor all of our control systems to your specific requirements, designing and installing systems based on the equipment you use and the way in which you use it. We focus strongly on creating user-friendly systems that save our customers time and effort.

Our expert programmers can also set up presets, allowing you to carry out day-to-day functions such as the setting up of a presentation (with lights dimmed, screens lowered and playback) with the press of a button.

Control System

The software we use for control systems includes many leading names in the commercial automation field including two of the most popular solutions, Demopad & AMX.

  • Demopad: Demopad is a highly customisable commercial automation system with a user experience that can be customised to your exact preferences. Demopad can be used on a wide variety of devices, including iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
  • AMX: AMX is a highly adaptable control system and can be customised and changed as your equipment and requirements change. AMX have partnered up with a range of major manufacturers – including Panasonic, Sony and Samsung – to offer full product interoperability between different manufacturers’ products.

We have installed innovative av control systems in a broad spectrum of locations, including leisure, hospitality, home and educational environments.