Bolton Arena

Tuesday 22nd May 2018

We were approached by John Ashley, who had joined the Arena from the Macron in January, to assist him in creating a welcome solution for the Arena.  This system needed to be scalable to allow the Arena to sell screen space to local/national companies. After many meetings and two very positive demo’s to John and his new team, a system was created using the MyLook platform and a range of screens that was befitting each zone within the Arena.

Using Promultis Totem screens in the foyer, one on either side of the walkway, we created a symmetrical ‘Welcome’ to the Arena, that was informative and befitting a foyer signage solution.  Using touch totems (with touch disabled), we ensured that this system was scalable for the future.  Should the Arena to wish to create a Way-finding solution, the Totems would have their touch solution enabled and we could create a touch system without expenditure of hardware in future, as the hardware is already in situ.


A Welcome screen was also installed over the reception desk to continue that ‘welcoming’ feel.

In the gym, we installed 6 x Mitchell & Brown 55” 4K screens.  Via an RF modulator and again using MyLook, we created the perfect platform of a picture in picture solution, allowing visibility of 3 Sky channels, but allowing the Arena to advertise its partner advertising messages in real-time of the sporting events showing on the TV’s.  Originally there were just 5 LG screens, making the Gym look quite dated.  We advised them to add that additional screen so that again, symmetry was in place and the gym looked complete.


The customer has been really happy with the service and support and are looking to expand the system into the tennis court arena, with an eye on Wimbledon and the summer sporting events


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