Benefits Of Video Walls
In Retail

Tuesday 21st January 2020

Whether you’re looking to implement an engaging customer communication tool or create the ‘wow factor’ to increase footfall, video walls in retail are starting to get recognised as a powerful way to compete for shopper’s attention in a competitive retail environment.

It’s no secret that retail is getting more competitive, from the high-street through to dedicated shopping centres, retailers are constantly looking for new ways to wow customers when they walk through the door. With the development of LED display technologies and multi-screen displays, retail engagement marketing is going much farther than targeting online alongside static in-store displays.

What are digital video walls?

Digital video walls are a group of HD displays positioned next to each other to form a large digital display. These screens can be connected to present content as one large display – as technology and capability have progressed over the years, many retailers use digital video walls both in-store and outside the store to create unique customer experiences.

What are the benefits of video walls in retail?

Attention Grabbing

The modern shopper is flooded with information, so it’s increasingly harder to get their attention when they’re both walking past and entering the store. Video walls are popular in marketing, allowing retailers to display custom campaigns, images and promotions to shoppers in store.

Video walls are also better at grabbing the customers attention than simple promotional displays made of outdated and conventional methods, with 8/10 customers admitting to entering a store because of digital signage catching their interest.

What’s more, is that over 40% of shoppers say that digital displays can change what they buy because of information displayed close to the point of purchase.

Source: Cisco.

Here’s a video wall we installed in the Liverpool FC team store:


Liverpool FC Video Wall

Read the Liverpool FC case study here.

Cost-Effective And More Agile

The use of conventional methods of in-store advertising is proving much more ineffective as it often takes a long-time to get the displays printed and installed within a retail space. Running promotions or campaigns suddenly becomes very expensive when you factor in printing, shipping and installing the promotional materials.

The modern era of in-store advertising, both in shop windows and in-store, may have a larger initial investment but will not only save them money in the long-run, but they’ll also increase their bottom line by being able to quickly deploy marketing campaigns at the switch of a button.

Competing In Modern Retail

With the popularity and growth of online shopping, the landscape of retail has changed. Shoppers are looking for more memorable experiences, something that video walls and retail screens can help provide.

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