4 Ways To Improve Business Efficiency With Corporate AV

Friday 6th March 2020

Corporate AV is growing in popularity as a way to increase employee engagement and productivity, with the main focus area for businesses being meeting and boardroom solutions. A survey conducted by the Independent found that the average UK employee wastes up to 23 days every year in meetings, meaning there’s a lot of room to improve business efficiencies and productivity. Whilst these figures do not provide a completely accurate representation, there are many ways to improve efficiency when it comes to meetings, and that doesn’t necessarily mean cutting down the number of meetings.

Here are four ways your meetings can become more productive:

Invest in meeting and board room solutions

Sometimes there’s no replacement for face-to-face interaction, but it’s equally important to invest in meeting and boardroom solutions to create an environment where a team can be productive. Whether you’re investing in a small meeting room, huddle space or large boardroom, there are lots of AV options available to create a collaborative working space for teams, individuals or even for communicating across the globe.

With everything from video conferencing solutions, wireless presentation, to a range of screen solutions, there’s a range of technologies available to create a collaborative working environment in any business.

Only have meetings to achieve specific goals

Wireless Presentation

This may seem obvious but sending out clear objectives to all attendees before the meeting on an agenda will keep the meeting on track and driving towards a set goal. Many organisations fall into the culture of ‘meetings for meeting’s sake’, meaning there are plenty of situations to have more concise or even fewer meetings.

Meeting room booking system

There can often be many interruptions during meetings, even if employees book out rooms to work uninterrupted on projects. Meeting room booking systems can mitigate this, and help the business become more efficient with digital booking to help manage time. Usually people just take an empty room, sit down and start their meeting or conversation – having visibility of when the room is next in use will stop colleagues knocking on the door telling you the room is booked.

Digital signage in the workplace

TVC Digital Signage in the work place

A huge challenge for many businesses is keeping their employees engaged. Companies who implement digital signage not only increase employee engagement, but it directly leads to a 25% improvement in productivity (according to Signagelive).

Workplace digital signage is designed to improve corporate communications, sharing company updates, metrics and business data to help teams perform at their best. Digital signage displays help promote information that usually stays hidden in emails and intranets, allowing information to flow freely in office buildings.

Whether you need to display key metrics in a large call centre or use workplace digital signage to make key announcements and increase the value of employee praise, better communication happens with screens.

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