We Are People

We are People Matters, (because your people matter).  We are TVDs new HR provider. You will find that we are different to other HR companies.

People Matters was founded 7 years ago by Niel Cope. We are based in Bury and we are a small team of a handful of people who are really committed. We believe that HR isn’t just there for when things go “wrong”.  We add value by having a close relationship with our clients.  It’s our job to look at your challenges, your strategy and where you want to go.  It’s not just advice – we are part of your future; for the good times, and the occasionally less fun things.

People are a company’s most valuable resource, and the reality is if you want to get the most of out of them, you have to put the effort in yourself.  If you want to see the benefits from your staff, invest in them, provide them with the right support through dedicated HR, and you will get the most amazing returns.

We will work with TVD to provide you with expertise and time to be able to fully develop the HR function you want for such a fast-growing business and its people.  People Matters HR will provide you with a fully outsourced HR service, covering performance management, leadership development as well as strategy and change; to name but a few.

We add value, by helping the team to work well together, helping all staff to become more aligned with the company objectives, and that everyone is pulling together.  Asides from seeing productivity and efficiency increase, morale and sense of achievement improves, too.