Unlock workplace productivity, creativity, communication and collaboration with Sony TEOS management solutions

With a wide range of  Sony Professional Solutions and devices, from software to hardware, TEOS enables you to customize your workplace and create a corporate culture rooted in technology, progress, and efficiency

With a family of corporate workplace solutions, all integrated and managed through the Sony TEOS Manage system, bring your workforce together, allowing remote workers and office-based workers alike the chance to work effectively.

In short, Sony Professional Solutions give your the power to completely transform the workplace.
















Sony TEOS is an advanced suite of workplace management tools, ready and available to bring your hybrid workplace to life.

For the future of work, the suite of Sony Professional tools means greater flexibility, while ensuring productivity, data collection and clear communication. Buildings and spaces can be measured enabling organisations to make smart decisions.

With Sony Professional Solutions, transform your workplace so that device management is streamlined, usage of space is optimised, energy costs are reduced, communication is targeted, and worker productivity is amplified.

Orchestrate your office

Take full control of devices, signage, content and buildings controls. Automate scenarios with sensors and manage spaces leased to tenants.

Make visiting easy

Automate and easily manage visitor and employee check-ins for a streamlined and secure in-office environment

Streamline room & desk booking

Save time and optimise the use of meeting spaces. Search and book meeting rooms from anywhere. Make work more efficient by managing all meeting tasks from one application.

Master your meetings

Make meetings more efficient and empower employees with smart, informative displays. Control connected meeting room devices through a customisable interface.

Communicate clearly

Create and distribute colourful, eye-catching and touch-interactive digital signage or TV. Collect feedback from employees and guests.

Connected to all your favorite apps

Teos integrates with the apps you use every day, to simplify your digital life and to make all your notifications easily within reach – from social media, to office solutions, and everything in between

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