Projection Systems

Projection provides superb picture quality and clarity for large format displays. Whether you’re planning to display content in a nightclub, a school, conference rooms, arenas, a cinema room or a restaurant, pub or bar, projection is a versatile and quality-guaranteed solution.

We supply a comprehensive range of DLP, LED and LCD commercial projectors from brands such as NEC, Epson Cannon, Optoma and more, as well as replacement parts including lamps, bulbs, ceiling mounts, projector brackets and screens.

Our range of commercial projectors includes projectors with zoom lenses and keystone correction, a versatile feature which allows you to install your projector in a location other than directly in front of the screen.


Once we’ve received your requirements, TVC work to determine the perfect commercial projection solution for your business; that could be a simple projection onto a standard pull-down screen, or something as complex as rear-mounted projection onto glass.

We determine the best projection solution for you based on three main criteria: brightness, resolution and size. We also consider colour reproduction, contrast resolution, how content is to be delivered (i.e. DVD) and other practical considerations such as the effect of sunlight on your projection.

Projection System 2


A projector’s resolution determines the sharpness and clarity of the images it will produce. This is measured in pixels. The higher resolution a projector has, the better quality the image it projects.

The resolution you require from a projector will depend on factors such as the distance from projector to screen, the size of the screen and the amount of people you’re projecting to (and their distance from the screen).

We supply commercial projectors across the resolution spectrum, suitable for large and small applications alike.


Brightness plays a big part in the quality of your projected image and is largely determined by the environment you’ll be projecting in. Projector brightness is measured in lumens; for darkened cinema rooms, a lumen rating of under 3000 will suffice.

Brightness levels from 4500 lumens upwards are recommended for larger venues such as churches and nightclubs – we can provide all the advice you require to find the ideal brightness for your particular environment.


Size and Weight

Many venues need to use a projector in more than one room, making portability essential. The size of your venue, the distances you need to move your projector and how often you need to move your projector will all play a part in determining the right projector for your business.