Direct View LED (DVLED) & LED Walls

Direct View LED

Direct View LED (DVLED) is different to the regular LED screens you may be more familiar with.

An LED display eliminates the LCD panel, instead using a surface array of LEDs as the actual display pixels. Providing incredible contrast and brightness levels several times that of LCDs, LED displays deliver captivating image quality.

Direct View LED displays and an LED Wall can be created to virtually any size, making them the perfect choice for outdoor and indoor spaces alike.



LED Displays

LED displays are brighter than LCDs, so images remain crisp and vibrant even in direct sunlight, essential for window displays and outdoor installations.

Notably, the modular design of digital LED displays makes repair or replacement of modules easy, and the cost per square foot is often more affordable than deploying multiple LCD screens.

Thanks to the bezel-free design of LED displays, it’s possible to create seamless LED video walls too.



LED Video Walls

Thanks to their modular design, versatile LED wall displays are not constrained by standard aspect ratios.

Stand out from the crowd by sculpting seamless a large-scale LED wall to fill spaces of any shape and size in any location.

An LED wall can also be more easily configured to fit custom installations, such as around doorways, curved walls, and corners.



Pixel Pitch

When we refer to pixel pitch, we refer to the density of pixels on a screen. The best width depends on the application of the display but attaining the right specs such as pixel pitch, brightness, and IP rating can make the Direct View LED or DVLED display more powerful.

A smaller pitch means high pixel density – so higher resolution. Higher resolution means that pictures with a high contrast ratio can be effectively displayed and even if you get close to the screen you won’t be able to make out individual pixels.



Easy Installation and Maintenance

Due to their lightweight design, magnetic modules, positioning pins and simple cabinet structure, LED displays are incredibly easy to install.

After installation, they can be serviced from the front of the display by quickly and efficiently removing the DV-LED modules for ultimate ease of maintenance.



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