Dedicated Hotel and Hospitality TV Screens

Samsung Hospitality Screens showing a lily pond

Samsung Hospitality TV Screens

For many of your guests, their entertainment world revolves around a TV. That’s why Samsung has taken hospitality TVs to a whole new level.

With a whole new range of unique features, such as smart functionality, superior picture quality, cutting-edge design, and eco-friendly features, the Samsung Hospitality TV provides you with a flexible business solution that is scalable, so it can grow and evolve with your business and the industry. At the same time, the Hotel TV will enhance the perception of your establishment and measure up to the standards of your affluent guests.

Philips Hospitality Screens displaying a robot watching tv

Philips Hospitality TV Screens

Philips hospitality screens offer incredible functionality for your guests with their extensive product range including a selection of fully Smart TVs. With these energy-efficient LED TVs, you enjoy the benefits of a dedicated Hospitality TV. Allow your guests to buy premium content, inform them via hotel info pages and use the latest remote technology for effortless installation and control.

Enjoy the latest bezel-less Hospitality TV from Philips and the immersive experience of Ambilight. Designed to intensify your guests viewing experience.

LG Hospitality Screens in a luxurious hotel room looking out over tropical swimming pool

LG Hospitality TV Screens

LG Hospitality TVs are designed specifically for hospitality and business environments. With the use of simple user-friendly interfaces and superb images and video, create a more hospitable welcome for guests and customers.

From channel selection to volume setting, you can control the TV settings in all the rooms with Hotel Mode. Prevent misuse by customers, set volume limits, or reset settings to default for any TV. You are in control of it all.

Vestel Hospitality Screens showing a bed on a tropical beach

Vestel Hospitality TV Screens

Vestel Hotel TV screens come with a range of value-added functions allowing hoteliers to customise their service according to business needs. Hoteliers will enjoy efficient installation via USB cloning and dedicated hospitality features including smart channel listing, welcome screen and many more. Designed for low power consumption and with IP and non-IP set-up, VESTEL Hotel TV screens deliver big and bright images at low installation cost.